Verifying SAML AuthN flow

This article explains how to verify the SAML authentication flow in Cloud Identity Plane.

Verify SAML authentication flow

Initiate the CIP IDP authentication process either from the Service Provider website or from an IDP-hosted website.

SP-initiated SSO

Navigate to the Service Provider website and start the authentication process.

IDP-initiated SSO

Navigate to the IDP portal page and select the URL that redirects to the SP website. Alternatively, you can call the URL below with your registered SP entity ID.

GET https://<cloudentity-saml-idp-host>/saml/profile/SAML2/Unsolicited/SSO?providerId=<saml-sp-entity-id>




You are redirected to CIP IDP to complete the authentication process. When successful, you are redirected to the external service provider page.

SAML debugging tools

There are several SAML browser tools available to trace SAML assertions for federations based on SAML.