Resetting the OTP method of a user

This article explains how to reset user's OTP method as a Cloud Identity Plane administrator.


You have the system administrator privileges.


This operation is restricted to CIP system administrators and can be performed either in the CIP administrator portal as shown in this article or through API calls.

Reset the OTP method

See the video below to learn how to reset the OTP method for the user. The administration steps performed in the video are also described below it.


The video below shows how to reset the OTP method for a user as well as the end result for the user (having to set up the OTP method again).


The below procedure describes the administrative steps performed in the video.

  1. Log in to the administrator portal.

  2. From the USERS menu, select the user for whom you want to reset the OTP method.


    The USER DETAILS panel appears.

  3. In the details panel, expand the menu to see the full list of options.


    All administrator options are shown.

  4. Select the Reset OTP MFA enrollment option.


    A confirmation message appears and the OTP method field is now empty. This user is prompted to set the OTP method again when they log in for the first time after this change.