Forcing the password change on the user

This article explains how to force the user password change upon login to Cloud Identity Plane.


You have relevant administrator privileges and access to the CIP administrator portal.


These operations are restricted to CIP system administrators and can be performed in the CIP administrator portal or through API calls.

  • See the video to learn how to set up the password-change enforcement and how to test if your new setup works.

  • See the procedure for administration steps performed in the video.


This video shows how to configure the user profile to enforce the password change on the user. It also demonstrates how to verify if the users is prompted for the password change after your configuration of the user profile.


This procedure describes the administrative steps performed in the video.

Select the user

  1. In your browser, navigate to the CIP administrator portal and log in with your credentials.

  2. In the USERS view, select the user for whom you would like to force the password change.

Force the password change

  1. In the USERS DETAILS view, select the meatballs menu () and Force password change from the dropdown list.

  2. In the FORCE PASSWORD CHANGE: CONFIRM ACTION popup window, check if your configuration looks as expected and select Confirm to proceed.


Popup message Success: User will be required to change password on next login confirms that you’ve just enabled the force-password-change feature for the selected user.

Check if it works

  1. In your browser, navigate to the Identity portal and log in as the user this time.

  2. Check if you are prompted for your password change after providing your login credentials.