Enable self-registration for an organization

This article explains how to enable or disable the self-registration option for an organization in Cloud Identity Plane.


  • CIP stack up and running
  • Administrator rights in CIP

About the self-registration feature

As an administrator, you can control the self-registration feature for organizations in CIP. When enabled, users can create their own accounts for this particular organization via the self-registration form available from the login page. When disabled, this option is not available.

Set up self-registration

To learn how to set up the self-registration for organizations, watch the video below or read the instruction that follows.

  1. Log in to CIP.

  2. Open the Organizations page from the left-hand menu.

  3. In the Organizations page, select the organization you want to set up self-registration for. The Organization Details panel appers.

  4. Select Update Organization from Organization Details. The Update Organization window opens.

  5. In Update Organization, set Allow Public Registration to true or false, depending on the outcome you want.

  6. Select Update Organization to apply your changes.


    User self-registration is now available or hidden for this organization, in accordance with your setup. The I am new button is not available in the login page when self-registration is disabled as shown below (click the image to enlarge it): CIP login page without the self-registration option