Configuring the policy cache

This article explains how to configure the policy cache TTL in Cloud Identity Plane.


You have the system administrator privileges.


This operation is restricted to CIP system administrators and can be performed either in the CIP administrator portal, as shown in this article, or through API calls.

About caching policies

A successful policy validation in CIP can be cached for a specific period of time (Time to Live - TTL). During this time, the cached policy is always evaluated successfully. You have the following options when setting the cache TTL:

  • No value set - the policy is not cached (default setting)

  • 0 - the policy is cached permanently (infinite TTL)

  • Non-zero number - cache TTL is set to the entered value (in seconds)

Configure the policy cache

See the video or read the instruction below to understand how to configure policy cache TTL.



  1. Log in to the administrator portal.

  2. Select Access Policies view from the menu.

    Expected result

    All policies are listed.

  3. Select the policy for which you want to configure the cache.

    Expected result

    The policy diagram opens.

  4. Select Edit details from the meatballs menu.

    Expected result

    The details menu for the policy opens.

  5. Set the value of Success Cache TTL as needed (in seconds). Set only the numerical value, not the unit.

  6. Select Update.

    Expected result

    Your policy is now updated as confirmed by the system message. This policy will be cached in accordance with your settings.