Managing e-mail and mobile addresses

This article explains how to manage your e-mails and mobiles in Cloud Identity Plane.

Add email/mobile

Step 1

Login to Self-Service and go to My Profile tab.

Step 2

Click Add Email/Add Mobile button in Emails and mobiles section.

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Step 3

Follow instructions in add email/mobile wizard.

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Newly added email/mobile is now listed as your emails/mobiles section. Most of the time, the newly added email/mobile is also set as your identifier, and can be found in the Login identifiers that you can use to access your account section.

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Remove email/mobile

Hover on email/mobile that you want to remove and click trash icon.

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Manage your recovery email and mobile

To manage your recover email/mobile login to Self Service. Navigate to Account Recovery tab. If you have more than one email/mobile, you can change current recovery email/mobile by clicking Change button.

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