Creating and updating user accounts

This article describes how to create and update a user account as an administrator in Cloud Identity Plane.


These operations are restricted to CIP system administrators and can be performed in the CIP administrator portal or through API calls.


You have relevant administrator privileges.

Create a user account

  1. Log in to the CIP administrator portal.

  2. Select Users from the sidebar.


    The USERS view opens and shows the list of your users.

  3. In the USERS view, select Create User.

  4. In the CREATE USER pop-up window, provide requested details on the user account.

  5. Select Create User to finalize the creation of the new user account.


The new user has been created and added to the users list.

Update a user account

  1. Select the user account that you want to update from the users list in the USERS view.

  2. In the USER DETAILS view, select Update User.

  3. In the UPDATE USER pop-up window, modify user details that you want to change.

  4. Confirm your changes by selecting Update User.


The user account has been updated with the changed data.