Creating your own user account

This article explains how to create your own user account in Cloud Identity Plane.

Creating your inactive account

The first step is to register an inactive account using the AuthN portal.

  1. On the AuthN homepage, click I AM NEW.


    At this point, you can decide at which organization to register by adding the id parameter to the URL passing the target organization CID, as in If you don’t, you will register in the default organization set up by the system administrators.

    I am new

  2. On the subsequent screen, enter your First name and Last name in the fields and click NEXT.

    Name entry

  3. On the Provide your identifier screen, enter your email address or mobile number in the Email or Mobile field and click NEXT.

    Email identifier

  4. On the Choose your MFA method screen, select from the MFA Method dropdown which multi-factor authentication (MFA) method you wish to use to secure your account, or leave as None to disable MFA (you can always enable it later). Then click NEXT.

    MFA method selection

  5. Create a password and enter it into both the Password and Confirm password fields, then click NEXT. Note that according to the default password policy, the password needs to contain:

    • At least 6 characters
    • At least one digit [0-9]
    • At least one special character
    • At least one lower-case character

    Different organizations may have password requirements that differ from the default.

    Password validation


    Your account is created in the target organization but is inactive. If you entered an email address in step 3 of this instruction, an activation email is automatically sent to the supplied email address.

    Email sent

    If you entered a mobile number, you will be guided through the activation process on the following screens.

Activating your account

Your account must be activated before you can log in. This can be done either by a link sent to an email address, a one-time password (OTP) sent to a mobile device, or directly by administrative action.

Activation by email

If you provided an email address during registration, an Account activation email is generated and sent to your email.

Activation email

  1. Click ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT, which will open the AuthN portal in your browser and automatically complete activation. Alternatively, you may copy and paste the provided URL into your browser.

    Account activating


    Upon activation, you will be automatically authenticated and redirected to the User Self-Service homepage.

    Logged in

Activation by mobile

  1. In the screen following inactive account creation, select an activation code send method, then click SEND ME CODE to receive the code (either by SMS or by voice message).

    Mobile send method

  2. Enter the activation code provided to your mobile device on the following screen to complete activation.

    Enter activation code


    You will need to re-enter your credentials to log in.

Activation by admin

An administrator can also activate your account; however, the account will still require email or mobile verification to be able to utilize the address as a login identifier.