Running authz-service health checks

Learn how to run authz_service health checks in Cloud Identity Plane (CIP). This document describes internal service APIs intended to be used by developers, for example, to write a monitoring script that reports the system status.


  • CIP is up and running.

  • Access to service configuration data (for example a docker-compose file) or information about the service domain from other sources.


Send a request to the /status endpoint of authz_service. Use the service name and port configured for your deployment.

curl -v http://authz_service-host:9050/status

The response can be either 200 OK if all services are up:

    "kafka": "UP",
    "hazelcast": "UP"

or 503 Service Unavailable if one or more services are down:

    "kafka": "UP",
    "hazelcast": "DOWN"

All of the following components are checked by default:

Component Description
kafka Kafka message broker used by the service
hazelcast Storage for token information, authentication and authorization sessions, authentication events, shared data caches, and more

You can disable the health check on any components from the above list. For more information, read Configuring health checks for authz_service.