Running permission-service health checks

Learn how to run permission-service health checks in Cloud Identity Plane (CIP). This document describes internal service APIs intended to be used by developers, for example, to write a monitoring script that reports the system status.


  • CIP is up and running.

  • Access to service configuration data (for example a docker-compose file) or information about the service domain from other sources.


Send a request to the /status endpoint of permission-service. Use the service name and port configured for your deployment.

curl -v http://permission-service-host:6969/status

The response can be either 200 OK if all services are up:


or 503 Service Unavailable if one or more services are down:


All of the following components are checked by default:

Component Description
permissionStorage Data store holding permission data

You can disable the health check on any components from the above list. For more information, read Configuring health checks for permission-service.